Got a great idea for a game or prop?

Do you have an idea for your own portable game or prop in your game room?  Want to save money by doing it yourself?  We have you covered!

You can buy one of our repurposed voting booths and build your own game or prop!

We will take a booth out of our stock room and send it to you so you can bring your creation to life!

The booths all start with stickers on the inside and out.  We use a scraper and a heat gun to remove them.  Be careful on the green plastic cases, a good heat gun CAN melt the plastic!

Some cases may have a missing foot or the handle may be loose, broken or missing.

We get new feet and handles from Amazon and attach them with rivets.

Here are our Amazon Affiliate links to the handles and feet.  We get a commission if you use our links, but you don’t pay any extra.

$7 Handle:

$6 Feed:

Recondition it yourself

Lowest cost, most work
$ 50
  • Basic Case Inspection
  • No significant case damage
  • Voting labels left in place
  • WILL have missing feet and/or handle
Best Value

Half and Half

Middle of the road option
$ 75
  • Basic case inspection
  • No significant case damage
  • Voting labels left in place
  • Feet and handle repaired as needed

If you want to order, contact us and let us know what you are looking for.  Remember we have both silver metal cases and green plastic ones.  

Shipping costs will be added to all the prices here.  You can get an idea of the shipping cost if you want.  The shipping box is 26 x 26 x 7 and weights 25 pounds.  It ships from Cumming, GA 30040.

Full Service!

Highest cost, but ready to use!
$ 100
  • Fully inspected and cleaned
  • No significant case damage
  • All labels and residue removed
  • Feet and handle repaired as needed